What do you get when you have 4 Engineers -from1 Family brewing beer? Well you get more time spent in actually thinking and preparing for brewing than actually brewing!

I (Simon) started brewing over 20 years ago after my grandfather taught me how to do extracts. I brewed off and on over the next 15 years, (with big pauses in between). Finally about 7 years ago a neighbour invited me over to do an all grain with him and I was surprised at how straightforward it was! Then a couple of years or so after that, Andrew (my brother) and I went along to a System Wars brewing demo hosted by Grain and Grape and got to see a whole lot of systems in action. We were sold on the simplicity and footprint of the Braumeister.

So about 2 years ago we, together with our Dad (Jeremy) and my wife (Rach), launched into all grain brewing together and we’ve been learning and drinking better and better beer since. We brew in Melbourne, Australia.

It should be said that none of us have particularly relevant technical experience… Jeremy and Andrew are a Mechanical Engineers, Rach is a Electronics & Computer Systems Engineer and I am a Software Engineer. Not that it matters, it just brings a few different dimensions to the thinking and guarantees that whatever we do is well and truly over engineered.

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